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2018Mycorrhizal fungi enhance plant nutrient acquisition and modulate nitrogen loss with variable water regimesBowles, T.; Jackson, L.; Cavagnaro, T.
2017Considering risks in early stage investment planning for emission abatement technologies in large combustion plantsMayer, C.; Breun, P.; Schultmann, F.
2017A comparative study of the fluorescence and photostability of common photoswitches in microstructured optical fibreStubing, D.B.; Heng, S.; Monro, T.M.; Abell, A.D.
2017Plasmonic fiber optic refractometric sensors: from conventional architectures to recent design trendsKlantsataya, E.; Jia, P.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Monro, T.; François, A.
2017Antarctic ice sheet discharge driven by atmosphere-ocean feedbacks at the Last Glacial TerminationFogwill, C.; Turney, C.; Golledge, N.; Etheridge, D.; Rubino, M.; Thornton, D.; Baker, A.; Woodward, J.; Winter, K.; Van Ommen, T.; Moy, A.; Curran, M.; Davies, S.; Weber, M.; Bird, M.; Munksgaard, N.; Menviel, L.; Rootes, C.; Ellis, B.; Millman, H.; et al.
2017Interstellar gas towards the TeV γ-ray sources HESS J1640−465 and HESS J1641−463Lau, J.; Rowell, G.; Burton, M.; Fukui, Y.; Aharonian, F.; Oya, I.; Vink, J.; Ohm, S.; Casanova, S.
2017Management of acute traumatic intracranial haematoma in rural and remote areas of AustraliaGilligan, J.; Reilly, P.; Pearce, A.; Taylor, D.
2017Enumerating a continental-scale threat: how many feral cats are in Australia?Legge, S.; Murphy, B.; McGregor, H.; Woinarski, J.; Augusteyn, J.; Ballard, G.; Baseler, M.; Buckmaster, T.; Dickman, C.; Doherty, T.; Edwards, G.; Eyre, T.; Fancourt, B.; Ferguson, D.; Forsyth, D.; Geary, W.; Gentle, M.; Gillespie, G.; Greenwood, L.; Hohnen, R.; et al.
2017Investigating education, migration and development - moving triangles in the PacificGamlen, A.; Murray, W.; Overton, J.
2017Impacts of land use changes on net ecosystem production in the Taihu Lake Basin of China from 1985 to 2010Xu, X.; Yang, G.; Tan, Y.; Tang, X.; Jiang, H.; Sun, X.; Zhuang, Q.; Li, H.
2017Amplified stimulated emission in upconversion nanoparticles for super-resolution nanoscopyLiu, Y.; Lu, Y.; Yang, X.; Zheng, X.; Wen, S.; Wang, F.; Vidal, X.; Zhao, J.; Liu, D.; Zhou, Z.; Ma, C.; Zhou, J.; Piper, J.; Xi, P.; Jin, D.
2017Soil respiration, microbial biomass and nutrient availability in soil after addition of residues with adjusted N and P concentrationsNGUYEN, T.; MARSCHNER, P.
2017Transposable elements (TEs) contribute to stress-related long intergenic noncoding RNAs in plantsWang, D.; Qu, Z.; Yang, L.; Zhang, Q.; Liu, Z.; Do, T.; Adelson, D.; Wang, Z.; Searle, I.; Zhu, J.
2017Comparison of isohydric and anisohydric Vitis vinifera L. cultivars reveals a fine balance between hydraulic resistances, driving forces and transpiration in ripening berriesScharwies, J.; Tyerman, S.
2017Measuring and tracking vitamin B12: a review of current methods with a focus on optical spectroscopyTsiminis, G.; Schartner, E.; Brooks, J.; Hutchinson, M.
2017Application of system dynamics to evaluate the social and economic benefits of infrastructure projectsNguyen, V.; Cook, S.; Ireland, V.
2017Inventing a colonial dark tourism site: the Derby Boab "Prison Tree"Grant, E.; Harman, K.
2017Physical attractiveness, constraints to the trade and handling requirements drive the variation in species availability in the Australian cagebird tradeVall-llosera, M.; Cassey, P.
2017Dark tourism, Aboriginal imprisonment and the ‘prison tree’ that wasn’tGrant, E.; Harman, K.
2017The use of segregation for children in Australian youth detention systems: An argument for prohibitionGrant, E.; Lulham, R.; Naylor, B.