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2017Adoption of HPAI biosecurity measures: the Chinese broiler industryHUANG, Z.; Loch, A.; Findlay, C.; WANG, J.
2017Secondary gold structures: relics of past biogeochemical transformations and implications for colloidal gold dispersion in subtropical environmentsShuster, J.; Reith, F.; Cornelis, G.; Parsons, J.; Parsons, J.; Southam, G.
2017Fossil and genomic evidence constrains the timing of bison arrival in North AmericaFroese, D.; Stiller, M.; Heintzman, P.; Reyes, A.; Zazula, G.; Soares, A.; Meyer, M.; Hall, E.; Jensen, B.; Arnold, L.; MacPhee, R.; Shapiro, B.
2017The Genyornis egg: response to Miller et al.'s commentary on Grellet-Tinner et al., 2016Grellet-Tinner, G.; Spooner, N.; Handley, W.; Worthy, T.
2017Tonian arc magmatism in central madagascar: the petrogenesis of the imorona-itsindro suiteArchibald, D.; Collins, A.; Foden, J.; Razakamanana, T.
2017Thermal history and differential exhumation across the Eastern Musgrave Province, South Australia: insights from low-temperature thermochronologyGlorie, S.; Agostino, K.; Dutch, R.; Pawley, M.; Hall, J.; Danišík, M.; Evans, N.; Collins, A.
2017Extending the record of lacustrine phases beyond the last interglacial for Lake Eyre in central Australia using luminescence datingFu, X.; Cohen, T.; Arnold, L.
2017Constraining paleohydrologic change during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum in the continental interior of North AmericaBaczynski, A.; McInerney, F.; Wing, S.; Kraus, M.; Bloch, J.; Secord, R.
2017Reappraising the P-T evolution of the Rogaland-Vest Agder Sector, southwestern NorwayBlereau, E.; Johnson, T.; Clark, C.; Taylor, R.; Kinny, P.; Hand, M.
2017Palaeostress magnitudes in the Khao Khwang fold-thrust belt, new insights into the tectonic evolution of the Indosinian orogeny in central ThailandArboit, F.; Amrouch, K.; Morley, C.; Collins, A.; King, R.
2017Thermal and exhumation history of Sakhalin Island (Russia) constrained by apatite U-Pb and fission track thermochronologyGlorie, S.; Alexandrov, I.; Nixon, A.; Jepson, G.; Gillespie, J.; Jahn, B.
2017Constraining the timing of shale detachment faulting: a geochemical approachHansberry, R.; Zwingmann, H.; Loehr, S.; Collins, A.; King, R.; Morley, C.; Drysdale, R.
2017Geochronology, geochemistry, fluid inclusion and C, O and Hf isotope compositions of the Shuitou fluorite deposit, Inner Mongolia, ChinaPei, Q.; Zhang, S.; Santosh, M.; Cao, H.; Zhang, W.; Hu, X.; Wang, L.
2017Geochemistry and geochronology of ore-bearing and barren intrusions in the Luanchuan ore fields of East Qinling metallogenic belt, China: diverse tectonic evolution and implications for mineral explorationXue, F.; Wang, G.; Santosh, M.; Yang, F.; Shen, Z.; Kong, L.; Guo, N.; Zhang, X.; Jia, W.
2017Early human occupation of a maritime desert, Barrow Island, North-West AustraliaVeth, P.; Ward, I.; Manne, T.; Ulm, S.; Ditchfield, K.; Dortch, J.; Hook, F.; Petchey, F.; Hogg, A.; Questiaux, D.; Demuro, M.; Arnold, L.; Spooner, N.; Levchenko, V.; Skippington, J.; Byrne, C.; Basgall, M.; Zeanah, D.; Belton, D.; Helmholz, P.; et al.
2017On the radiogenic heat production of igneous rocksHasterok, D.; Webb, J.
2017Drosophila simulans: a species with improved resolution in evolve and resequence studiesBarghi, N.; Tobler, R.; Nolte, V.; Schlötterer, C.
2017Detrital zircon geochronology of quartzites from the southern Madurai Block, India: implications for Gondwana reconstructionLi, S.; Santosh, M.; Indu, G.; Shaji, E.; Tsunogae, T.
2017Trace element mapping by LA-ICP-MS: assessing geochemical mobility in garnetRaimondo, T.; Payne, J.; Wade, B.; Lanari, P.; Clark, C.; Hand, M.
2017Proterozoic reworking of Archean (Yilgarn) basement in the Bunger Hills, East AntarcticaTucker, N.; Payne, J.; Clark, C.; Hand, M.; Taylor, R.; Kylander-Clark, A.; Martin, L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 854