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2018The impact of age-related variables on facial comparisons with images of children: algorithm and practitioner performanceMichalski, Dana Jaclyn
2018Constructions of primary caregiving fathers and masculinitiesHunter, Sarah Clare
2018An exploration of collaboration: Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal relationships in ethnographic filmmakingOffler, Naomi Robyn
2018Engaging the angst of unemployed youth in post‐industrial Japan: a narrative self‐help approachKido, Rie
2018Study of Salmonella typhimurium infection and vaccination in laying hensSharma, Pardeep
2018Socioeconomic position and periodontal disease: a life-course approachSilveira Schuch, Helena
2018Deep learning based RGB-D vision tasksCao, Yuanzhouhan
2018[ EMBARGOED ] A focus on the sedimentology of transgressions in interior seaways: utilising modern and outcrop analogues to interpret the subsurface Cretaceous Murta Formation, Eromanga Basin, AustraliaMann, Sandra
2018The isotopic evolution of the northern East African OrogenBlades, Morgan Lee
2018Omic characterisation of placental development and phenotypeMayne, Benjamin
2018Large-eddy simulations of a jet in crossflow using JuliaThomas, Amelia Jane
2018Extracting a less model dependent cosmic ray composition from Xmax distributionsBlaess, Simon Garry
2017The synthesis of bimane constrained peptides and their fluorescent and structural propertiesHorsfall, Aimee Jade
2017The philosophy of psychedelic transformationLetheby, Christopher Edward Ross
2017Globalisation and the regulation of professional baseball: a search for labour mobility?Nichol, Matthew
2017Rock strength and deformability characterisation and assessment for drilling performance estimationMunoz Principe, Henry Edinson
2017Dynamic analysis of steel confined concrete tubular columns against blast loadsZhang, Fangrui
2017Essays on slavery, intergenerational mobility and the persistence of distrust and inequalityCharles, Jacky Sharon
2017Nanoengineered titanium as protein-releasing implants: a molecular adjunct to reduce craniofacial surgeryBariana, Manpreet
2017Interplay of structural, dynamical, and electronic properties in doped semiconducting polymer systemsAckling, Sophia