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1991Aboriginal agency, institutionalisation and survival / Peggy BrockBrock, Peggy, 1948-
1999Aboriginal housing in South Australia, an overview of housing at Oak Valley, Maralinga Tjarutja.Grant, Elizabeth
1970Aboriginal infant and toddler mortality and morbidity in Central Australia, 1965-1969Kirke, David Kerry
1983Aboriginal land rights in Port AugustaJacobs, Jane M.
2001Aboriginal women's autobiographical narratives and the politics of collaboration / Jennifer Anne Jones.Jones, Jennifer A. (Jennifer Anne)
2013Abortion, homosexuality and the slippery slope: legislating 'moral' behaviour in South Australia.Parker, Clare Margaret
1986The absorption of calcium and its incorporation into bone during corticosteroid therapy / Allan Geoffrey NeedNeed, Allan Geoffrey
1969Absorption of ultraviolet radiation by molecular hydrogen and oxygenFarmer, Anthony John Douglas
2008Acacia saligna as a sustainable agroforestry crop for southern Australia: a genetic assessment.Millar, Melissa Ann
2012Acacia victoriae and its association with sugary-exudate producing herbivorous insects and trailing dominant ants in semi-arid Australia.Weichel, Nyree
2007Academic qualification acceptability and authenticity : a comparative risk assessment of approaches employed by the recruitment and higher education sectors of Australia.Brown, George Maxwell
2004Accelerating control : an ethnographic account of the impact of micro-economic reform on the work of health professionals / Eileen Mary Willis.Willis, Eileen
2013The accessibility of Phase 2 Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs in rural and remote Australia.van Gaans, Deborah Anne
2003Accommodating the Chinese: the American hospital in China, 1880-1920 / Michelle Campbell Renshaw.Renshaw, Michelle Campbell
2014Accounting conservatism and corporate reporting in a high information asymmetry environment: analysis of initial stock offering firms.Kim, Su Jin
1977Accumulation and reproduction in Indonesia: a case study of Australian investmentShort, Kathryne Teresa
2007The accuracy of a varian 600CD LINAC and the Pinnacle³ (v6.2b) treatment planning system with regard to IMRT implementation.Crabtree, Timothy
2003Accuracy of facial approximation : studies in measurement, prediction, and "recognizability" of human face anatomy / Carl Nathaniel Stephan.Stephan, Carl Nathaniel
2011The accuracy of influenza A (H1N1) "swine flu" laboratory testing: a systematic review of diagnostic test accuracy.White, Sarahlouise
1998Accurate computation of steady nonlinear free-surface flows / David C. Scullen.Scullen, David Charles