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1993Genetics of boron tolerance in barley / by Mandy Jane Jenkin.Jenkin, Mandy Jane
1996Genetics of boron tolerance in durum wheat / by Sansanee Jamjod.Jamjod, Sansanee
2003Genetics of growth and development in cattle / by Raphael Abiodun AfolayanAfolayan, Raphael Abiodun
1977Genetics of pathogenicity in flax rust / by Gregory J. LawrenceLawrence, Gregory James
2007Genome damage and folate nutrigenomics in uteroplacental insufficiency.Furness, Denise Lyndal Fleur
2011Genome sequence and variation in the Australian native velvet tobacco mottle virus.Arthur, Kieren
1992Genome studies of cereals / by Song Weining.Song, Weining, 1958-
2012Genomic approach to understanding variation in bovine fat colour.Tian, Rugang
2003Genomics approach to investigate the molecular control of meiosis in Triticum aestivumSutton, Timothy J
2012The genomics of cerebral palsy : are copy number variants associated with cerebral palsy?McMichael, Gai Lisette
2004Genomics of feed efficiency for livestock.Fenton, Michelle Leanne
2010Genotoxicity investigation of organic n-chloramines.Laingam, Somprasong
1980Genotype differences in resistance to moisture stress in barleyLewin, L. G.
1986Genotypic variation for manganese efficiency in cereals / Nico Emile MarcarMarcar, Nico Emile
1998Genotypic variation in oilseed rape to low boron nutrition and the mechanism of boron efficiency / by James Constantine Roy Stangoulis.Stangoulis, James Constantine Roy
1999Genotypic variation in rough-seeded lupins (Lupinus pilosus Murr. and L. atlanticus Glads.) for tolerance to calcareous soils / Jason David BrandBrand, Jason David
2004Genotypic variation in the morphological and physiological response to boron toxicity in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and weed species / Eun-Young Choi.Choi, Eun-Young
2016Gentleman squatters, ‘self-made’ men and soldiers: masculinities in nineteenth century AustraliaEwart, Helen Patricia
1991A geobotanical study of the remnant natural vegetation of temperate South Australia / Ashley Dean SparrowSparrow, Ashley
2014Geocellular modelling and connectivity analysis of a tide-influenced channel belt system: example from the Mitchell River Delta, Gulf of Carpentaria, AustraliaAl Quwaitii, Reham Said