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1990Genetic counselling in severe osteogenesis imperfecta / by Elizabeth Mary ThompsonThompson, Elizabeth Mary, 1953-
2016The genetic determinants of cerebral palsyMcMichael, Gai Lisette
2006Genetic determinants of the responsiveness of wool fibres and follicles to nutrition/ Mohamad Yamin.Yamin, Mohamad
2013A genetic dissection of drought and heat tolerance related traits in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).Bennett, Dion
1993Genetic diversity among populations of the take-all fungus Gaeumannomyces graminisHarvey, Paul
2014Genetic diversity and estimation of genetic parameters for economically important traits in Zambian cattleMusimuko, Ellison
1996Genetic diversity and interspecific relationships in Banksia L.f., (Proteaceae) / Tina Louise Maguire.Maguire, Tina Louise
2001Genetic diversity and the dynamics of metapopulations / Stephen J. Ball.Ball, Stephen Jonathon
2001Genetic identification of cultivars and marker analysis in olives (Olea europaea L.) / Genet Teshome Mekuria.Mekuria, Genet Teshome
2017Genetic improvement of Australian meat goatsAldridge, Michael Nicholas
2010The genetic improvement of wheat and barley for reproductive frost tolerance.Reinheimer, Jason
2012Genetic independence of fat depots in cattle.Egarr, Andrew R.
2000Genetic localisation and molecular characterisation of genes for inherited ataxias / Kathryn Louise Friend.Friend, Kathryn L.
1977Genetic map of coliphage 186Hocking, Stephanie
1985Genetic marker studies in humans / John Charles MulleyMulley, John Charles
2005Genetic relationships affecting dual purpose use of merino sheep/ by Veronica Mary Ingham.Ingham, Veronica Mary
1995Genetic relationships and pollination studies in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L) / Andrew Granger.Granger, Andrew
2000A genetic strategy to reduce sulfite reductase activity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae / by Catherine M. Sutherland.Sutherland, Catherine M. (Catherine Maree).
1975Genetic studies of amber-ochre supersuppressors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae / by Wayne L. GerlachGerlach, Wayne Lyle
1982Genetic studies of cucumber mosaic and tomato aspermy viruses / by A.L.N. RaoRao, Ayalasomayajula Lakshmi Naranya