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2006Values and long-term care decision-making for frail elderly peopleDenson, Linley Alice
2011Values in agricultural research and development management for pro-poor impact: the case of PETRRA Project, Bangladesh.Salahuddin, Ahmad
2012Values, entrepreneurial attitude, and entrepreneurial intentions as antecedents of nascent entrepreneur business start-up behaviour in South Africa : a longitudinal study.Lindsay, Wendy A.
1980Variability in parental and F2 populations of wheat in relation to selection for yield / D. KaradeeKarladee, Dum-Nern
1987Variability in the accumulation of amino acids and glycinebetaine in wheat and barley under environmental stress / by Bodapati Purushothama Naidu.Naidu, Bodapati Purushothama
2015Variability of nitric oxide signalling in atrial fibrillation: potential modulation.Procter, Nathan Edward Kevin
1968Variable X-ray fluxes from celestial objectsHarries, John Robathan
2001Variant-specific surface protein (VSP) gene subsets in Giardia / by Mandana Mansouri.Mansouri, Mandana
1992Variation among cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) isolates and their interaction with plants / Wiwiek Sri Wahyuni.Wahyuni, Wiwiek Sri
1994Variation and genetic control of prolamins in tetraploid wheats and their association with quality in durum wheat / by Chao-yin Liu.Liu, C.-Y.
1990Variation in alfalfa mosaic virus with special reference to its immunochemical properties / Mohammad Reza Hajimorad.Hajimorad, Mohammad Reza
2014Variation in chain-length of leaf wax N-Alkanes in plants and soils across AustraliaHoward, S.
2005Variation in cranial base flexion and craniofacial morphology in modern humansSimpson, Ellie Kristina
1970Variation in nuclear DNA content between species in the genus ViciaChooi, Wai Yean
1994Variation in resistance to Ascochyta blight in faba beans / Somporn Lawsawadsiri.Lawsawadsiri, Somporn
1977Variation in seed set ability in Vicia faba LLim, Eng Siong
2003Variation in the digestion of energy by broiler chickens.Hughes, Robert James
1994Variation in the sensitivity of nodulation and nitrogen fixation to nitrate in annual Medicago speciesHeidari Sharif Abad, Hossein
2015A variational approach to hadron structure in lattice QCDOwen, Benjamin James
1967Variational methods and parabolic differential equations / Robert Scott Anderssen.Anderssen, R. S. (Robert Scott)