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1999H-reflex in human masseter / by Sheila Doreen Scutter.Scutter, Sheila Doreen
2016Habitat reconstruction guidelines for woodland birds: a detailed, focussed, bird-orientated approachAllan, Joel Richard
2010Habits, hassle, and health: how do blood donors respond to a temporary deferral due to low haemoglobin?Hillgrove, Tessa
2013Hadron structure in deep inelastic scattering.Casey, Andrew
2014Hadron structure in electroweak precision measurements.Hall, Nathan Luke
2015Hadrons and quarks in dense matter: from nuclear matter to neutron starsWhittenbury, Daniel Leslie
1994Haemagglutinins of vibrio cholerae 01 : studies on the organisation of the genes encoding the mannose-fucose-resistant haemagglutinin (MFRHA) / Andrew Barker.Barker, Andrew, 1964-
1988Haemagglutinins of Vibrio cholerae : molecular characterization of the mannose-fucose resistant haemagglutinin (MFRHA) / Vicki L. FranzonFranzon, Vicki L.
2016Haemophilus influenzae survival and biofilm formation in a complex physical, chemical and multi-species environmentTikhomirova, Alexandra
2004Haemopoiesis, leukaemia & imatinib: c-fms, a novel target for small molecule inhibitor therapy.Dewar, Andrea L.
2012Haemostasis and wound healing following endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery.Valentine, Rowan
1992Hammerhead mediated self-cleavage of plant pathogenic RNAs / by Candice Claire Sheldon.Sheldon, Candice Claire
2011Hand conditions associated with diabetes: an observational study characterising hand function.Redmond, Christine Lorraine
1999Handover characteristics and handover performance in digital mobile systems / Dohun Kwon.Kwon, Dohun
1985The Hangzhou incident of 1975 : the impact of factionalism on a Chinese provincial administrationForster, Keith
2001Hannah Arendt and her Augustinian inheritance : love, temporality, and judgement / by Chris White.White, Christopher H.
1996Hardware mapping of critical paths of a GaAs core processor for solid modelling accelerator / by Song Cui.Cui, Song
2014The harmonisation of GAAP and GFS financial reporting in the Australian public sector: why and how did it happen?: an agenda setting perspectiveSchuhrer, Sabine
2005Harriet Chandler.Costello, Moya
2007Hartmann wavefront sensors for advanced gravitational wave interferometers.Brooks, Aidan Francis