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2002Sacred worlds : an analysis of mystical mastery of North Indian Faqirs.Saniotis, Arthur
2012The safe administration of rapid rituximab infusion : an evidence-based approach.Lang, Siew Ping
2006Safety and efficacy of high dose docosahexaenoic acid for the preterm infant.Smithers, Lisa Gaye
1998Salinity and nutrients : growth and water use of aquatic macrophytes under controlled and natural conditions / by Kay Morris.Morris, Kay
2014Salinity detection and control of sodium transport in Arabidopsis thaliana.Schmöckel, Sandra Manuela
2007SALMO-OO : a process-based simulation library for lake ecosystems.Cetin, Lydia T.
1982Salmonella infection in mice / Ronald Bruce JohnsonJohnson, Ronald Bruce
2012Salt detachment deformation: the influence of salt thickness and proximity on structural geometryMaxwell, L. W.
2013Salt mobilisation in a floodplain environment: using EM techniques to identify mechanisms that alter the distribution of saline groundwaterHamilton-Smith, D. A.
1995Sara Maitland and Michele Roberts : religion and spirituality in contemporary British women's fiction / Caroline Guerin.Guerin, Caroline
2014Sarcopenia in older peopleYu, Solomon Ching Yeh
1972Satellite and rocket measurements of solar ultraviolet flux and atmospheric molecular oxygen densityLockey, George William Albert
2014Satellite remote sensing to monitor land condition and dynamics in arid Australia: letting the landscape speak for itself.Lawley, Evertje Frederika
1995Savant syndrome : processes underlying extraordinary abilities / Robyn Young.Young, Robyn (Robyn Louise)
2014Scaffolding science: a pedagogy for marginalised students.Parkin, Bronwyn Mary
2005Scale parameter modelling of the t-distributionTaylor, Julian
2012Scanning laser doppler vibrometry for strain measurement and damage detection.Wildy, Stuart James
2004Scaphoid variation and an anatomical basis for variable carpal mechanicsFogg, Quentin A.
1980A scattering approach to the cluster coefficients of a one-dimensional system / by Anne-Marie GibbsGibbs, Anne-Marie
1967The scattering of low energy electrons from hydrogen, helium and argon / by Peter J.O. Teubner.Teubner, P. J. O. (Peter John Osmond)