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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Inventories, inflation dynamics and the New Keynesian Phillips curveLubik, T.; Teo, W.
2014Inventory procedures for smallholder and community woodlots in the Philippines: methods, initial findings and insightsHerbohn, J.; Vanclay, J.; Ngyuen, H.; Le, H.; Baynes, J.; Harrison, S.; Cedamon, E.; Smith, C.; Firn, J.; Gregorio, N.; Mangaoang, E.; Lamarre, E.
2000Invigorating the Asian-Pacific food economy: APEC's roleAnderson, K.
2001(Ir)Relevance of currency-crisis theory to the devaluation and collapse of the Thai bahtRajan, Ramkishen D.
1997Is China a "large country"? China's influence on world marketsPomfret, R.
2013Is Georgia the next 'new' wine-exporting country?Anderson, K.
2015Is inequality increasing?Pomfret, R.
2007Is regionalism an increasing feature of the world economy?Pomfret, R.
2003Is there a case for an Asian bond fund?Rajan, Ramkishen D.
2000Is there a Case for an Asian Monetary Fund?Bird, Graham; Rajan, Ramkishen D.
2010Islamic women's organizations in Indonesia: Characteristics, activities, and government fundingNuryartono, N.; Sukontamarn, P.; Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (18th : 2010 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2002Issues in domestic regulation of servicesKim, J.; Findlay, C.
2003Issues in international competition policy cooperationFindlay, C.; Round, D.
2015It's all in the mail: the economic geography of the German empirePloeckl, F.
1999An iterative approach to variable selection based on the Kullback-Leibler informationHughes, Anthony W.; King, Maxwell L.
2016IYLM: a General Theory-compatible replacement for ISLMRogers, C.; O'Donnell, R.
2002Japan and the ASEAN4 automotive industryFindlay, C.; Farrell, R.
2002Japan-Singapore economic partnership agreementRajan, Ramkishen D.
2010The job market for new economists: A market design perspectiveColes, P.; Cawley, J.; Levine, P.; Niederle, M.; Roth, A.; Siegfried, J.
1998Joe IsaacHancock, K.