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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997The labour market consequences of the Canada-U.S. Free Trade AgreementGaston, Noel G.; Trefler, D.
1996Land fragmentation and farm productivity in China in the 1990sNguyen, T.; Cheng, E.; Findlay, C.
1998Lao economic reform and WTO accession : implications for agriculture and rural developmentAnderson, K.
2009Latin America and the CaribbeanAnderson, K.; Valdes, A.
2015Learning from inferred foregone payoffsWu, H.; Bayer, R.
2008Lecture Notes On International Trade Theory and PolicyPomfret, R.
2001The LecturersAnderson, K.; Hancock, K.
2001The LecturesAnderson, K.
2015Legalization of bribe giving when bribe type is endogenousOak, M.
2003Lessons from economies in transition from central planningPomfret, R.
2002Liberalisation of international trade in financial services in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and ThailandRajan, Ramkishen D.; Sen, R.
2003Liberalization of air transport servicesFindlay, C.; Nikomborirak, D.
2005Liberalizing Quotas on Textiles and Clothing: Has the ATC Really Worked?Francois, J.; Spinanger, D.
2006Life lessons from the corporate universityParker, Lee David
2010Light the Lamp: Papers on World Trade Investment in Memory of Bijit BoraFindlay, C.; Pangestu, M.; Parsons, D.
1995The limited role of market power in generating great fortunes in Great Britain, the United States and AustraliaSiegfried, J.; Blitz, R.; Round, D.
2005The Limits of Protectionism: Building Coalitions for Free Trade Michael LusztigPomfret, R.
2011Linkages and technology spillovers in the presence of foreign firms: evidence from the Indian pharmaceutical industrySamirana Pattnayak, S.; Thangavelu, S.; thangavelu, S.
2018Linkages between oil price shocks and stock returns revisitedMasson, V.; Doko Tchatoka, F.; Parry, S.
2010Linkages Between Real and Financial Aspects of Economic Integration in Asia: Overview reportCorbett, J.; Findlay, C.