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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A survey of bullbar prevalence at pedestrian crash sites in Adelaide, South AustraliaAnderson, R.; Ponte, G.; Doecke, S.
2008Benefits for Australia of the introduction of an ADR on pedestrian protectionAnderson, R.; Ponte, G.; Searson, D.
2009The effect of bull bars on head impact kinematics in pedestrian crashesAnderson, R.; Doecke, S.; van den Berg, A.; Searson, D.; Ponte, G.
2009Headform impact test performance of vehicles under the GTR on pedestrian safetySearson, D.; Anderson, R.; Ponte, G.; van den Berg, A.
2011Analysis of crash data to estimate the benefits of emerging vehicle technologyAnderson, R.; Hutchinson, T.P.; Linke, B.; Ponte, G.; Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
2012Evaluation of the VicRoads community policing and education project: final reportBaldock, M.R.J.; Kloeden, C.; Lydon, M.; Ponte, G.; Raftery, S.; Grigo, J.; VicRoads
2013Automatic crash notificationPonte, G.; Ryan, G.A.; Anderson, R.; Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (SA)
2011Further analysis of the impact characteristics of the New Zealand Fisheries sea lion exclusion device stainless steel grid: final research report for Ministry of FisheriesPonte, G.; van den berg, A.; Anderson, R.; Ministry of Fisheries, New Zealand
2014Dynamics of the South Australian registered passenger vehicle fleetPonte, G.; Anderson, R.; Kloeden, C.; Lydon, M.; Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (SA)
2012Potential benefits of forward collision avoidance technologyAnderson, R.; Doecke, S.D.; Mackenzie, J.; Ponte, G.; Paine, D.; Paine, M.; Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Government; Department of Infrastructure and Transport (Australian Government))