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2018International prostate symptom score should be considered a complement rather than a substitute to generic preference-based measures for measuring lower urinary tract symptoms within economic evaluationMPUNDU-KAAMBWA, C.; KAAMBWA, B.; APPLETON, S.; MARTIN, S.; WITTERT, G.; ADAMS, R.
2018Barriers to nutrition intervention for patients with a traumatic brain injury: views and attitudes of medical and nursing practitioners in the acute care settingChapple, L.-.A.; Chapman, M.; Shalit, N.; Udy, A.; Deane, A.; Williams, L.
2018Glutathione monoethyl ester prevents TDP-43 pathology in motor neuronal NSC-34 cellsChen, T.; Turner, B.; Beart, P.; Sheehan-Hennessy, L.; Elekwachi, C.; Muyderman, H.
2018Association of polygenic score for schizophrenia and HLA antigen and inflammation genes with response to lithium in bipolar affective disorder: a genome-wide association studyAmare, A.; Schubert, K.; Hou, L.; Clark, S.; Papiol, S.; Heilbronner, U.; Degenhardt, F.; Tekola-Ayele, F.; Hsu, Y.-.H.; Shekhtman, T.; Adli, M.; Akula, N.; Akiyama, K.; Ardau, R.; Arias, B.; Aubry, J.-.M.; Backlund, L.; Bhattacharjee, A.; Bellivier, F.; Benabarre, A.; et al.
2018Discrete tomography in an in vivo small animal bone studyVan de Casteele, E.; Perilli, E.; Van Aarle, W.; Reynolds, K.; Sijbers, J.
2018Abnormal cell sorting underlies the unique X-linked inheritance of PCDH19 epilepsyPederick, D.; Richards, K.; Piltz, S.; Kumar, R.; Mincheva-Tasheva, S.; Mandelstam, S.; Dale, R.; Scheffer, I.; Gecz, J.; Petrou, S.; Hughes, J.; Thomas, P.
2018Implication of changing loading conditions on structural health monitoring utilising guided wavesMohabuth, M.; Kotousov, A.; Ng, C.-.T.; Rose, L.
2018Evaluation of a smartphone nutrition and physical activity application to provide lifestyle advice to pregnant women: the SNAPP randomised trialDodd, J.; Louise, J.; Cramp, C.; Grivell, R.; Moran, L.; Deussen, A.
2018Development and pilot evaluation of a clinic-based mHealth app referral service to support adult cancer survivors increase their participation in physical activity using publicly available mobile appsShort, C.; Finlay, A.; Sanders, I.; Maher, C.
2018Absence of rotational activity detected using 2-dimensional phase mapping in the corresponding 3-dimensional phase maps in human persistent atrial fibrillationPathik, B.; Kalman, J.; Walters, T.; Kuklik, P.; Zhao, J.; Madry, A.; Sanders, P.; Kistler, P.; Lee, G.
2018Epidemiology of arthritis, chronic back pain, gout, osteoporosis, spondyloarthropathies and rheumatoid arthritis among 1.5 million patients in Australian general practice: NPS MedicineWise MedicineInsight datasetGonzález-Chica, D.; Vanlint, S.; Hoon, E.; Stocks, N.
2018Examining the accessibility of high-quality physical activity behaviour change support freely available online for men with prostate cancerShort, C.; Gelder, C.; Binnewerg, L.; McIntosh, M.; Turnbull, D.
2018Assessment of fetal kidney growth and birth weight in an Indigenous Australian cohortDiehm, C.; Lumbers, E.; Weatherall, L.; Keogh, L.; Eades, S.; Brown, A.; Smith, R.; Johnson, V.; Pringle, K.; Rae, K.
2018HAP1 is required for endocytosis and signalling of BDNF and its receptors in neuronsLim, Y.; Wu, L.; Chen, S.; Sun, Y.; Vijayaraj, S.; Yang, M.; Bobrovskaya, L.; Keating, D.; Li, X.; Zhou, X.
2018Alcohol and atrial fibrillationGallagher, C.; Hendriks, J.; Lau, D.; Sanders, P.
2018Impact of variations in duodenal glucose load on insulin clearance in health and type 2 diabetesMarathe, C.; Rayner, C.; Jones, K.; Horowitz, M.
2018Label-free imaging of healthy and infarcted fetal sheep hearts by two-photon microscopySorvina, A.; Bader, C.; Lock, M.; Brooks, D.; Morrison, J.; Plush, S.
2018Label-free imaging of redox status and collagen deposition showing metabolic differences in the heartMorrison, J.; Sorvina, A.; Darby, J.; Bader, C.; Lock, M.; Seed, M.; Kuchel, T.; Plush, S.; Brooks, D.
2018General health and well-being among primary care patients aged 75+ years: associations with living conditions, oral health and dependencyBrennan, D.; Keuskamp, D.; Balasubramanian, M.; Amarasena, N.
2018Comorbidities contribute to the risk of cancer death among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal South Australians: analysis of a matched cohort studyBanham, D.; Roder, D.; Brown, A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 9381