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2007Alcohol treatment guidelines for Indigenous AustraliansCusack, L.; de Crespigny, C.
2009Improving coordination of care for Aboriginal people with mental health, alcohol and drug use problems: progress report on an ongoing collaborative action research projectKowanko, I.; de Crespigny, C.; Murray, H.; Ah Kit, J.; Prideaux, C.; Miller, H.; Mills, D.; Emden, C.
2011Analysing group interaction in focus group research: Impact on content and the role of the moderatorGronkjaer, M.; Curtis, T.; de Crespigny, C.; Delmar, C.
2005Improving Indigenous health through better medication management: an overviewde Crespigny, C.; Kowanko, I.; Murray, H.; Emden, C.; Wilson, S.
2004Mental health and alcohol and other drug training for emergency department workers: one solution to help manage increasing demandKing, D.; Kalucy, R.; de Crespigny, C.; Stuhlmiller, C.; Thomas, L.
2006Mapping self-confidence levels of nurses in their provision of nursing care to others with alcohol and tobacco dependence, using Rasch scalingBlackman, I.; de Crespigny, C.; Parker, S.
2011The developing role of transition to practice programs for newly graduated mental health nursesProcter, N.; Beutel, J.; Deuter, K.; de Crespigny, C.; Curren, D.; Simon, M.
2010The relationship between childhood trauma, adult trauma, mental illness, drug and alcohol useAthanasos, P.; Neild, R.; de Crespigny, C.; Van Hooff, M.; McFarlane, A.; Sawyer, M.; Cushman, C.; Sullivan, T.
2010Pink bubbles anyone? Women and alcohol and the new millenniumNeild, R.; Athanasos, P.; de Crespigny, C.; Marshall, A.
2010Developing specialist standards for nurses and midwives working in drug and alcohol across Australia and New ZealandDeering, D.; Leonard, L.; de Crespigny, C.; Curtis, J.; Ough, J.