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2018Environmentally- and human-induced body-size responses in Macropus robustus and Macropus rufus, two widespread kangaroo species with largely overlapping distributionsCorrell, R.; Prowse, T.; Prideaux, G.
2018High-quality fossil dates support a synchronous, Late Holocene extinction of devils and thylacines in mainland AustraliaWhite, L.; Saltré, F.; Bradshaw, C.; Austin, J.
2018How complex should models be? Comparing correlative and mechanistic range dynamics modelsFordham, D.; Bertelsmeier, C.; Brook, B.; Early, R.; Neto, D.; Brown, S.; Ollier, S.; Araújo, M.
2018Characterization of the Mel1c melatoninergic receptor in platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus)Gautier, C.; Guenin, S.; Riest-Fery, I.; Perry, T.; Legros, C.; Nosjean, O.; Simonneaux, V.; Grützner, F.; Boutin, J.
2018A hybrid framework for quantifying the influence of data in hydrological model calibrationWright, D.; Thyer, M.; Westra, S.; McInerney, D.
2018On the wrong track: ocean acidification attracts larval fish to irrelevant environmental cuesRossi, T.; Pistevos, J.; Connell, S.; Nagelkerken, I.
2017Soil respiration, microbial biomass and nutrient availability in soil after addition of residues with adjusted N and P concentrationsNGUYEN, T.; MARSCHNER, P.
2017Transposable elements (TEs) contribute to stress-related long intergenic noncoding RNAs in plantsWang, D.; Qu, Z.; Yang, L.; Zhang, Q.; Liu, Z.; Do, T.; Adelson, D.; Wang, Z.; Searle, I.; Zhu, J.
2017Comparison of isohydric and anisohydric Vitis vinifera L. cultivars reveals a fine balance between hydraulic resistances, driving forces and transpiration in ripening berriesScharwies, J.; Tyerman, S.
2017Physical attractiveness, constraints to the trade and handling requirements drive the variation in species availability in the Australian cagebird tradeVall-llosera, M.; Cassey, P.
2017Sequential extraction and characterization of fucoidans and alginates from Ecklonia radiata, Macrocystis pyrifera, Durvillaea potatorum, and Seirococcus axillarisLorbeer, A.; Charoensiddhi, S.; Lahnstein, J.; Lars, C.; Franco, C.; Bulone, V.; Zhang, W.
2017Leaf nitrogen from first principles: field evidence for adaptive variation with climateDong, N.; Colin Prentice, I.; Evans, B.; Caddy-Retalic, S.; Lowe, A.; Wright, I.
2017Mineralogical plasticity acts as a compensatory mechanism to the impacts of ocean acidificationLeung, J.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.
2017Zinc stress induces copper depletion in Acinetobacter baumanniiHassan, K.; Pederick, V.; Elbourne, L.; Paulsen, I.; Paton, J.; McDevitt, C.; Eijkelkamp, B.
2017The global distribution and drivers of alien bird species richnessDyer, E.; Cassey, P.; Redding, D.; Collen, B.; Franks, V.; Gaston, K.; Jones, K.; Kark, S.; Orme, C.; Blackburn, T.
2017AtNPF2.5 modulates chloride (Cl¯) efflux from roots of Arabidopsis thalianaLi, B.; Qiu, J.; Jayakannan, M.; Xu, B.; Li, Y.; Mayo, G.; Tester, M.; Gilliham, M.; Roy, S.
2017A resourceful and adaptable method to obtain data on the status of seagrass meadowsFoster, N.; Fotheringham, D.; Brock, D.; Waycott, M.
2017A meta-analysis of the effects of galling insects on host plant secondary metabolitesHall, C.; Carroll, A.; Kitching, R.
2017Revegetation rewilds the soil bacterial microbiome of an old fieldGellie, N.; Mills, J.; Breed, M.; Lowe, A.
2017Building biogenic beachrock: visualizing microbially-mediated carbonate cement precipitation using XFM and a strontium tracerMcCutcheon, J.; Nothdurft, L.; Webb, G.; Shuster, J.; Nothdurft, L.; Paterson, D.; Southam, G.