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2018Fine tuning of transmission features in nanoporous anodic alumina distributed Bragg reflectorsLim, S.; Law, C.; Santos, A.; SPIE Nanophotonics Austalasia 2017 (10 Dec 2017 - 13 Dec 2017 : Melbourne, VIC)
2018Engineering oxygen vacancy on NiO nanorod arrays for alkaline hydrogen evolutionZhang, T.; Wu, M.; Yan, D.; Mao, J.; Liu, H.; Hu, W.; Du, X.; Ling, T.; Qiao, S.
2018Green synthesis of three-dimensional hybrid N-doped ORR electro-catalysts derived from apricot sapKarunagaran, R.; Coghlan, C.; Shearer, C.; Tran, D.; Gulati, K.; Tung, T.; Doonan, C.; Losic, D.
2018Titanium phosphonate based metal-organic frameworks with hierarchical porosity for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolutionLi, H.; Sun, Y.; Yuan, Z.; Zhu, Y.; Ma, T.
2018Non-intrusive temperature measurement of particles in a fluidised bed heated by well-characterised radiationKueh, K.; Lau, T.; Nathan, G.; Alwahabi, Z.
2018Electrocatalytic activity of a 2D phosphorene-based heteroelectrocatalyst for photoelectrochemical cellsBatmunkh, M.; Shrestha, A.; Bat-Erdene, M.; Nine, M.; Shearer, C.; Gibson, C.; Slattery, A.; Tawfik, S.; Ford, M.; Dai, S.; Qiao, S.; Shapter, J.
2018Nanoscale study of clausthalite-bearing symplectites in Cu-Au-(U) ores: implications for ore genesisOwen, N.; Ciobanu, C.; Cook, N.; Slattery, A.; Basak, A.
2018Cogranulation of low rates of graphene and graphene oxide with macronutrient fertilizers remarkably improves their physical propertiesKabiri, S.; Baird, R.; Tran, D.; Andelkovic, I.; McLaughlin, M.; Losic, D.
2018Scanning atmospheric plasma for ultrafast reduction of graphene oxide and fabrication of highly conductive graphene films and patternsAlotaibi, F.; Tung, T.; Nine, M.; Kabiri, S.; Moussa, M.; Tran, D.; Losic, D.
2018Fabrication and optimization of bilayered nanoporous anodic alumina structures as multi-point interferometric sensing platformNemati, M.; Santos, A.; Losic, D.
2018Impact of the substitution pattern of xylyl-bridged 1,4-bis(1,4,7-triazacyclononane) ligands on the crystal structures of their zinc(II) complexes and their ability to bind to N-terminally tagged proteinsCoghlan, C.; Campi, E.; Batten, S.; Jackson, W.; Hearn, M.
2018NiO as a bifunctional promoter for RuO₂ toward superior overall water splittingLiu, J.; Zheng, Y.; Jiao, Y.; Wang, Z.; Lu, Z.; Vasileff, A.; Qiao, S.
2018Understanding the effects of nanocapsular mechanical property on passive and active tumor targetingHui, Y.; Wibowo, D.; Liu, Y.; Ran, R.; Wang, H.; Seth, A.; Middelberg, A.; Zhao, C.
2018Engineering catalytic active sites on cobalt oxide surface for enhanced oxygen electrocatalysisHan, X.; He, G.; He, Y.; Zhang, J.; Zheng, X.; Li, L.; Zhong, C.; Hu, W.; Deng, Y.; Ma, T.
2018Ash-bed material interaction during combustion and steam gasification of Australian agricultural residuesHe, Z.; Lane, D.; Saw, W.; van Eyk, P.; Nathan, G.; Ashman, P.
2018A high energy and power sodium-ion hybrid capacitor based on nitrogen-doped hollow carbon nanowires anodeLi, D.; Ye, C.; Chen, X.; Wang, S.; Wang, H.
2018Enhanced multi-lineage differentiation of human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells within poly(N -isopropylacrylamide-acrylic acid) microgel-formed three-dimensional constructsZhang, J.; Yun, S.; Bi, J.; Dai, S.; Du, Y.; Zannettino, A.; Zhang, H.
2018Polydopamine-derived, in situ N-Doped 3D mesoporous carbons for highly efficient oxygen reductionQu, K.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, X.; Chen, H.; Li, H.; Chen, B.; Zhou, H.; Li, D.; Zheng, Y.; Dai, S.
2018Cocatalysts in semiconductor-based photocatalytic CO₂ reduction: Achievements, challenges, and opportunitiesRan, J.; Jaroniec, M.; Qiao, S.
2018Emerging two-dimensional nanomaterials for electrocatalysisJin, H.; Guo, C.; Liu, X.; Liu, J.; Vasileff, A.; Jiao, Y.; Zheng, Y.; Qiao, S.-.Z.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1843