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2017Graphene oxide coupled carbon nitride homo-heterojunction photocatalyst for enhanced hydrogen productionRahman, M.; Zhang, J.; Tang, Y.; Davey, K.; Qiao, S.
2017Enhanced photoelectrochemical properties of nanoflower-like hexagonal CdSe₀.₆Te₀.₄: effect of electron beam irradiationShinde, S.; Ghodake, G.; Dubal, D.; Dhaygude, H.; Kim, D.; Fulari, V.
2017Advances in multicellular spheroids formationCui, X.; Zhang, H.; Hartanto, Y.
2017A study of flotation characteristics of monazite, hematite, and quartz using anionic collectorsAbaka-Wood, G.; Addai-Mensah, J.; Skinner, W.
2017Gasification reactivity and physicochemical properties of the chars from raw and torrefied wood, grape marc, and macroalgaeGuo, P.; Saw, W.; Van Eyk, P.; Stechel, E.; De Nys, R.; Ashman, P.; Nathan, G.
2017Hollow carbon nanospheres with tunable hierarchical pores for drug, gene, and photothermal synergistic treatmentDu, X.; Zhao, C.; Zhou, M.; Ma, T.; Huang, H.; Jaroniec, M.; Zhang, X.; Qiao, S.
2017System optimization for Fischer-Tropsch liquid fuels production via solar hybridized dual fluidized bed gasification of solid fuelsGuo, P.; Saw, W.; Van Eyk, P.; Stechel, E.; Ashman, P.; Nathan, G.
2017Size-and shape-controlled synthesis of well-organised carbon nanotubes using nanoporous anodic alumina with different pore diametersMezni, A.; Altalhi, T.; Saber, N.; Aldalbahi, A.; Boulehmi, S.; Santos, A.; Losic, D.
2017Polydopamine-inspired, dual heteroatom-doped carbon nanotubes for highly efficient overall water splittingQu, K.; Zheng, Y.; Jiao, Y.; Zhang, X.; Dai, S.; Qiao, S.
2017Sol-gel processing of metal-organic frameworksSumida, K.; Liang, K.; Reboul, J.; Ibarra, I.; Furukawa, S.; Falcaro, P.
2017Effects of hydrogen and nitrogen on soot volume fraction, primary particle diameter and temperature in laminar ethylene/air diffusion flamesSun, Z.; Dally, B.; Nathan, G.; Alwahabi, Z.
2017Surface and interface engineering of noble-metal-free electrocatalysts for efficient energy conversion processesZhu, Y.; Guo, C.; Zheng, Y.; Qiao, S.-.Z.
2017Bacterial iron-oxide nanowires from biofilm waste as a new adsorbent for the removal of arsenic from waterAndjelkovic, I.; Azari, S.; Erkelens, M.; Forward, P.; Lambert, M.; Losic, D.
2017Atomically and electronically coupled Pt and CoO hybrid nanocatalysts for enhanced electrocatalytic performanceMeng, C.; Ling, T.; Ma, T.; Wang, H.; Hu, Z.; Zhou, Y.; Mao, J.; Du, X.; Jaroniec, M.; Qiao, S.
2017Realisation and optical engineering of linear variable bandpass filters in nanoporous anodic alumina photonic crystalsSukarno; Law, C.; Santos, A.
2017Solar-driven alumina calcination for CO₂ mitigation and improved product qualityDavis, D.; Müller, F.; Saw, W.; Steinfeld, A.; Nathan, G.
20173-D Finite element modelling of diamond pull-out failure in impregnated diamond bitsXu, J.; Sheikh, A.; Xu, C.
2017Water soluble fluorescent carbon nanodots from biosource for cells imagingTripathi, K.; Tran, T.; Tung, T.; Losic, D.; Kim, T.
20170D/2D heterojunctions of Vanadate quantum dots/graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets for enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalysisYe, M.; Zhao, Z.; Hu, Z.; Liu, L.; Ji, H.; Shen, Z.; Ma, T.
2017Advanced spectroscopic analyses on a:C-H materials: revisiting the EELS characterization and its coupling with multi-wavelength Raman spectroscopyLajaunie, L.; Pardanaud, C.; Martin, C.; Puech, P.; Hu, C.; Biggs, M.; Arenal, R.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1733