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2016Stability and stabilization of a class of discrete-time fuzzy systems with semi-Markov stochastic uncertaintiesZhang, L.; Yang, T.; Shi, P.; Liu, M.
2014Genetic algorithm-based system identification of active magnetic bearing system: a frequency-domain approachNoshadi, A.; Shi, J.; Lee, W.; Shi, P.; Kalam, A.; 11th International Conference on Control & Automation (ICCA) (18 Jun 2014 - 20 Jun 2014 : Taichung, Taiwan)
2015Delay-dependent exponential stability for neutral stochastic Markov neural networks with time-varying delayChen, H.; Shi, P.; Lim, C.; IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC) (09 Oct 2015 - 12 Oct 2015 : Kowloon, China)
2016Filter design with adaptation to time-delay parameters for genetic regulatory networksJiao, H.; Shi, M.; Shen, Q.; Zhu, J.; Shi, P.
2017Neural network-based passive filtering for delayed neutral-type semi-Markovian jump systemsShi, P.; Li, F.; Wu, L.; Lim, C.
2016Dynamic learning from neural control for strict-feedback systems with guaranteed predefined performanceWang, M.; Wang, C.; Shi, P.; Liu, X.
2017Accurate and reliable human localization using composite particle/FIR filteringPak, J.; Ahn, C.; Shmaliy, Y.; Shi, P.; Lim, M.
2016Optimal memory size formula for moving-average digital phase-locked loopAhn, C.; Shi, P.; Hyun You, S.
2017Observer-based adaptive fuzzy tracking control of nonlinear systems with time delay and input saturationZhou, Q.; Wu, C.; Shi, P.
2017Reliable control of fuzzy systems with quantization and switched actuator failuresDong, S.; Wu, Z.; Shi, P.; Su, H.; Lu, R.