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2018Using measured stocks of biomass and litter carbon to constrain modelled estimates of sequestration of soil organic carbon under contrasting mixed-species environmental plantingsPaul, K.; England, J.; Baker, T.; Cunningham, S.; Perring, M.; Polglase, P.; Wilson, B.; Cavagnaro, T.; Lewis, T.; Read, Z.; Madhavan, D.; Herrmann, T.
2018Molecular control of male fertility for crop hybrid breedingKim, Y.; Zhang, D.
2018Assessing changes in structural vegetation and soil properties following riparian restorationHale, R.; Reich, P.; Daniel, T.; Lake, P.; Cavagnaro, T.
2018A comparative study of the nutritional values, volatile compounds, and sensory qualities of pea pastes cooked in iron pot and clay potXing, Q.; Xing, X.; Zhang, Z.; Hu, X.; Liu, F.
2018The effect of different dietary fats on the fatty acid composition of several tissues in broiler chickensKanakri, K.; Carragher, J.; Hughes, R.; Muhlhausler, B.; Gibson, R.
2017Loss and gain of carbon during char degradationBird, M.; McBeath, A.; Ascough, P.; Levchenko, V.; Wurster, C.; Munksgaard, N.; Smernik, R.; Williams, A.
2017Vulnerability to climate change and the variations in factors affecting farmers’ adaptation: a multi-group structural equation modelling studyDang, H.; Li, E.; Nuberg, I.; Bruwer, J.
2017Application of sprinkler cooling within the bunch zone during ripening of Cabernet Sauvignon berries to reduce the impact of high temperatureCaravia, L.; Pagay, V.; Collins, C.; Tyerman, S.
2017Sulfur and zinc availability from co-granulated Zn-Enriched rlemental sulfur fertilizersMattiello, E.; Da Silva, R.; Degryse, F.; Baird, R.; Gupta, V.; McLaughlin, M.
2017A survey: potential impact of genetically modified maize tolerant to drought or resistant to stem borers in UgandaWamatsembe, I.; Asea, G.; Haefele, S.
2017Rapid prediction of particulate, humus and resistant fractions of soil organic carbon in reforested lands using infrared spectroscopyMadhavan, D.; Baldock, J.; Read, Z.; Murphy, S.; Cunningham, S.; Perring, M.; Herrmann, T.; Lewis, T.; Cavagnaro, T.; England, J.; Paul, K.; Weston, C.; Baker, T.
2017Effect of manure compost on heavy metal translocation and bio-concentration factors in soils from an old municipal dumpsiteErinle, K.; Akande, T.; Urhie, J.; Bitire, T.
2017Multi-layer mucilage of Plantago ovata seeds: Rheological differences arise from variations in arabinoxylan side chainsYu, L.; Yakubov, G.; Zeng, W.; Xing, X.; Stensone, J.; Bulone, V.; Stokes, J.
2017Chloride on the moveLi, B.; Tester, M.; Gilliham, M.
2017Towards an open, collaborative, reusable framework for sharing hands-on bioinformatics training workshopsWatson-Haigh, N.; Revote, J.; Suchecki, R.; Tyagi, S.; Corley, S.; Shang, C.; McGrath, A.
2017Use of winemaking supplements to modify the composition and sensory properties of Shiraz wineLi, S.; Bindon, K.; Bastian, S.; Jiranek, V.; Wilkinson, K.
2017Differential expression of microRNAs and potential targets under drought stress in barleyFerdous, J.; Sanchez-Ferrero, J.; Langridge, P.; Milne, L.; Chowdhury, J.; Brien, C.; Tricker, P.
2017Phenotyping of plants in competitive but controlled environments: a study of drought response in transgenic wheatKovalchuk, N.; Laga, H.; Cai, J.; Kumar, P.; Parent, B.; Lu, Z.; Miklavcic, S.; Haefele, S.
2017Variation in barley (1 → 3, 1 →4)-β-glucan endohydrolases reveals novel allozymes with increased thermostabilityLauer, J.; Cu, S.; Burton, R.; Eglinton, J.
2017Rapid silviculture appraisal to characterise stand and determine silviculture priorities of community forests in NepalCedamon, E.; Nuberg, I.; Paudel, G.; Basyal, M.; Shrestha, K.; Paudel, N.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 5324